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Vehicle Service & Repairs

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians are here to ensure you get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible and at the best price possible.

We are open and honest about our pricing. We can service and repair all makes of cars and small vans.

We stock many parts for the VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda ranges. Those that we don’t we can usually get the same day.

We are the largest independent VW range specialist in the area.

Please click on one of the options below for more information or call for a quote on 01494 459616.


  • 10,000 Mile Service
  • 20,000 Mile Service
  • 40,000 Mile Service


Marlow VW now have the money-saving technology to:

  • Clean your Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Repair your ABS brakes
  • Repair your turbo charger


10,000 Mile Service:- 1.6 hours allowed

  • Oil and Filter change
  • Screenwash
  • Visual Underbody Inspection
  • Tyre Pressures and Tyre Condition
  • Lubricate Hinges/Locks
  • Light Check (replacement Bulbs extra cost)
  • Washer & Wiper Check
  • Clean Windscreen
  • Road Test.
  • Check Power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid
  • Full Vehicle Defect Report

20,000 Mile Service:- 1.8 hours allowed

  • As above + Air Filter, Pollen Filter
  • Wheels off Brake check
  • Remove Windscreen Cowl
  • Check Bulkhead for blocked water drain tubes and sunroof tubes

40,000 Mile Service:- 2.2 hours allowed

  • As above + Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Filter

Air Con Service every two years.
Brake Fluid Change every two years.
Cambelt Every 60,000 MILES or Four Years whichever is sooner
Gear Box Oil – change every four years.




Clean your Diesel Particulate Filter

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (PDF) you ask?!

Well if your car is diesel, as part of your exhaust emissions system, you probably have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). When your car reaches around 70,000 miles this generally needs replacing and it’s not cheap – you are looking at around £2,000.

Marlow VW are able to give your Filter a new lease of life by regenerating the filter for a much more reasonable price of £540.00.

Repair your ABS brakes

A typical failure with modern cars is the ABS braking system. Until recently this could only be replaced at a cost of around £1,000.

Marlow VW now can offer you a repair using a specialist kit produced and fully warranted by Volkswagen. The total cost of repairing your ABS with Marlow VW is only £400.00 which also includes fitting and VAT.

This is available for all VWAudiSEAT, and Skoda models.

Repair your turbo charger

Most modern diesel and petrol engines are fitted with turbo chargers. If your turbo charger fails and you suddenly lose power, Marlow VW will make a repair at a fraction of the cost of fitting a new one. So instead of needing a new turbo charger costing between £500.00-£1,000, you would only pay between £250-£450 depending on your engine.

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Qualified Mechanics

All our mechanics are fully qualified and take a pride in the service they provide.

Customer Comments

“Always professional and courteous to deal with.”

“Very quick, efficient and helpful.”

“The service, efficiency and work are always excellent – I am always happy to recommend Marlow VW with confidence.”

“Like the discount offered for leaving car overnight.”

“Keep up with what you do!”

“The servicing is brilliant.”

“Can’t think of any [improvements]- just keep up the good work and personal service!”

“Don’t close down.”

“Your excellent service constantly exceeds expectations. I only wish other businesses had your view on customer service.”

“Always friendly and honest. Good to have a local garage you can trust.”

“Many thanks for such great customer service!”

“I always enjoy using Marlow VW- even though I hate spending more money on my car! But I always trust them to do a good job and to make every effort to reduce the final cost.”

“Very impressed with service. You work hard to complete repairs within time given.”

“Really pleased that work came out at a much lower amount than estimate when I had already approved spend for full amount. Excellent customer service. “

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